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Biaform S.A.

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BIAFORM S.A. is a manufacturing and trading company offering hardwood (birch and alder) plywood. Since the beginning, the company’s strategy has been to manufacture highest quality plywood meeting the norms and determining new standards in the industry. Nowadays, BIAFORM is also famous for its high manufacturing standards in Poland and abroad. BIAFORM engineers are still developing technological changes in the product and thanks to that developments we are able to satisfy most of our clients’ specific needs. High quality of our products is ensured by highly qualified and experienced team of people as well as our suppliers of wood and other components with whom we have a good and long-standing cooperation. In 1978 our factory was first one in Poland starting production of plywood coated with phenolic film and in 1996 we started mass production of big size plates (3100×1550 mm). Currently biggest format offered by Biaform is 3300×1550 mm. Biaform also pioneered in varnishing plywood and producing varnished plywood for laser cutting.

In 2006 we built new production hall with the short cycle press line. In 2007 Biaform again was a first factory which started production of plywood coated with polypropylene. This product is used in construction, transportation and interior design industries.

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