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The beginnings of Biaform S.A.

Plywood manufacture in the current location dates back to the year 1919. It began in a former cloth factory of the Hasbach family. What promoted the establishment of the factory was the proximity of forests abounding in wood and the demand for plywood, growing on world markets. The Białystok plywood makers had the first successes even in 1926, when the company’s products began to be perceived high quality products not only in Poland but also in other countries. Over the next years, the company continued the development of export to North America and Western Europe. During the WWII, the plant was destroyed. It was rebuilt after the war and resumed manufacture in 1948. The factory kept adjusting to economic changes and trends, successfully developing its manufacture. Political and economic changes occurring in the country at the turn of 1980s and 1990s also influenced the company’s history. In 1994, it was transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury, and in 2002 it was privatized. The company still ensures the high quality of plywood, which has been its distinctive feature since the beginning of the century.

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BIAFORM nowadays

BIAFORM S.A. is a manufacturing and trading company offering hardwood (birch and alder) plywood. Since the beginning, the company’s strategy has been to manufacture highest quality plywood meeting the norms and determining new standards in the industry. Nowadays, BIAFORM is also famous for its high manufacturing standards in Poland and abroad. We offer laminated, varnished plastic- and phenolic film-coated plywood, as well as plywood for laser cutting. The products are only manufactured at the customer’s order. BIAFORM products are used in construction, transport industry, interior design and other industries.

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