Quality management policy

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Quality management policy

We care about the quality of our products

Our main goal is production and sales of plywood which fulfills our customers’ needs and demands. We specialize in production of plywood for construction, transport, interior design, furniture and packaging industries as well as for domestic market as for export countries.

We are well prepared for producing plywood according to individual clients’ needs. We all work to achieve economic goals that will be satisfactory for both us and the clients.

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In achieving above goals we are:

  • trying to know our clients’ needs and demands,

  • researching our clients’ satisfaction level,

  • maintaining high quality of our plywood,
  • implementing new technologies,

  • effectively managing all processes in order to eliminate potential threats,

  • improving our employees’ skills,

  • constantly improving our quality management system.

President of the Management Board is committed to obey to quality management policy and obliges all employees also to obey to this policy.

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