Quality grades

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Quality grades

Quality grades in plywood

Depending on surface quality – hardwood

Allowable defects*
Value Description
Pin knots allowable diameter of up to 3 mm; up to 3 pcs/m2
Sound intergrown knots allowable diameter of up to 15 mm (cumulative diameter shall not exceed 30 mm/m2), small cracks allowable
Filled unsound knots and knot holes with diameter of up to 6 mm, up to 2 pcs/m2
Open splits less than 1/10 of a length of a sheet, width up to 3 mm, 3 pcs per sheet width
Closed splits allowable
Wood structure defects minor ones allowable
Sound color changes minor decoloration allowable
Repairs (patches, plugs) 3 pcs/m2 fully filled
Edges defects allowable up to 2 mm

* Catalogue of most common defects, for other defects please refer to EN 635 -1-2-3 standards.

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